March For Our Lives Lodging


Thank you

On Sunday morning, after a day that both moved us and strengthened our resolve to make our communities safer, we opened our inbox to a flood of messages we didn’t expect.  Notes from people like Ellie, who had hosted a family of four traveling from North Carolina who couldn’t have come to the march without a place to stay. And from Sydney, a high school student in western Massachusetts, who knew safe and welcoming housing was ready for her and her friends when they arrived in DC after an all- night bus trip. And Nicole, an MSD alum living in Alabama who organized a group of fellow college students in support of her alma mater.

On behalf of each one of them — and the eleven of us — thank you!

Thank you to the more than 1600 families as well as churches, schools, and community centers who offered to open opened up your homes to welcome in strangers. Thank you to the 500 marchers from so many different states who trusted us to find them a safe place to stay. Thank you to volunteers who assembled 1300 snack bags for marchers and distributed them at locations all over DC.  Thank you to those who hosted sign-making parties, welcome dinners, or city tours for incoming marchers. And thank you to those, on both sides of the camera, who realized the power of telling their stories.

Thank you to every single one of you who showed that DC has heart, passion, and love. This town has always been special to those of us who live here.  And now, thanks to the kindness and graciousness of our fellow citizens, it will also be special to those who visited us this past week.

We’d love to see and hear from you about your experiences at March for Our Lives. Feel free to post pictures and tag any of our social media sites so we know to look:

Twitter @forlodging
Instagram @forlodging

Or if you aren’t on social media, please send them our way at We are assembling a virtual scrapbook of all those who joined the March for Our Lives Lodging family.

As we stood on Pennsylvania Avenue Saturday, we heard one thing loud and clear.  This was not just a march.  This is a movement.  Our nation’s youth will not stop until they have brought about real change in our gun safety laws.  And we are going to support them every step of the way.

Will you join us?

With great affection and in solidarity,
Anita, Cindy, Deanna, Elizabeth, Julia, Julie, Maureen, Phaedra, Robin, Tricia, Wendy