A corps of volunteers dedicated to improving American democracy through effective mobilization and protest

We are a corps of volunteers.

We aid march organizations in logistics, organizing, and providing direction and a warm welcome to marchers that come to the Washington, DC area to exercise their First Amendment rights. We help marchers as they arrive, during the action or event, and as they disperse. We promote peaceful protest, effective mobilization, and civic engagement. 

We support march logistics.

We offer detailed knowledge of the tri-state area and the challenges associated with organizing large marches and other civic events in terms of transportation and services. As residents of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area (DMV), we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of people who have come to our region to exercise their First Amendment rights.

We’re born from the Women’s March on Washington.

DC Local Ambassadors supports marches for women’s rights as defined by the WMW Unity Principles and related issues of inclusion, tolerance, equality, and justice.

This is who we are.

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Thank you for volunteering!

We supported the #M4JR, which took place in Washington, DC, on Sep. 30, 2017.


DC Local Ambassadors on Comedy Central

The show "The Opposition" is hosted by Jordan Klepper and it aims to satirize "alternative media" of the United States (i.e., Breitbart and InfoWars). We showed the correspondents how protest and marches get done! (Hint: no pay and no worker's compensation).


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Have any questions? Use the form below, or email us at hello [at] dcambs.org. You can also send us a message on Facebook.

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